Without realisation the Dolci Sapori Imports journey began mid 2009 whilst a family wedding took place in Calabria, a region of southern Italy…  A little history so you can set the scene in your mind,  the Italian tradition is that guests come to greet the bride and groom separately prior to the ceremony, therefore there are tables filled with cakes, biscuits, drinks and of course sugar almonds for the guests to help themselves to. However this wedding didn’t just have ordinary sugar almonds it had chocolate flavoured sugar almonds, with so many flavours to choose from it was like sugar almond heaven!


Coconut would have to have been the biggest hit that year! I can still remember eating so many coconut flavoured sugar almonds…  Being brought up in Australia we only ever knew sugar almonds to be hard, tasteless and tooth breaking… After trying this type of confectionery, that was all about to change.


Coconut was such a hit in our family we actually took a few kilos back home, at the next family function the chocolate flavoured sugared almonds where taken out and pretty much disappeared within a few minutes of being placed on the table, they were an absolute hit… Everyone was talking about them and everyone was wanting more…


Seeing this reaction from our family and friends, made us wonder what the Australian market was missing! This was a confectionery that was once placed in bombonieres and when the time was right most likely thrown out, however this had all changed. This product was so good it could be used for any event, or if you are anything like my family we were just eating them for the great flavours and the quality product it was!


So late 2011 we started to plot the Dolci Sapori Imports journey, thinking about how we could make this dream of getting  Australians to eat sugar almonds again become a reality, and here we are today selling one of Italy’s most loved confectionery to the people of Australia.


Our favourite part of this job, is watching you all take that first bite, and watching that “WOW” factor kick in…. The feeling is priceless!