Product Info

How many Flavoured Sugared Almonds are in a 1 kg box?

Approximately 160 pieces per 1 kg box.

How many Flavoured Sugared Almonds are in a 200g box?

Approximately 32 pieces per 200g box.

Can I select the flavours I want and the quantity required?

Yes you can select your flavours. All available flavours and quantities can be found in the products section of the website.

Will the product melt in the sun?

Yes, these Flavoured Sugared Almonds will melt and the thin sugar covering will crack if left in the sun.

What is “Feur de Sel” in the Caramel Flavoured Sugared Almonds?

Fleur de Sel is a French salt that is hand-harvested from the sea. It has a relatively milder salt-flavour than your typical table salt so it doesn’t over-power the taste buds.


Can I purchase a sample box?

Yes, samples can be purchased here.


How can I purchase Dolci Sapori Imports products?

Orders can be placed online, or you can contact us if you require further product information.

Can I purchase Dolci Sapori Imports products if I live in another state?

Yes you can, all orders can be placed via the website. Please contact us directly if more information is required.

How do I know if the products I want to order are in stock?

Dolci Sapori Imports strives to maintain stock levels to meet your requirements; however like with all retail businesses, some items will sometimes run low, or may be unavailable. If a product you have ordered is unavailable, Dolci Sapori Imports will contact you immediately to let you know and provide you with the option to replace or refund your order. Items listed on our website as available are to the best of our knowledge.

Can I order by phone?

Yes, orders can be placed over the phone.

Can I cancel or change my order?

We accept cancellations or alterations on the basis that your order has not yet been processed. If your order has been processed, Dolci Sapori Imports are unable to offer a refund or exchange. If you have any questions about this, please contact Dolci Sapori Imports.

Will I receive a confirmation of my order?

You will receive an email confirmation shortly after placing your order. Please review your order details carefully and contact Dolci Sapori Imports immediately if you wish to make any changes.

Delivery Charges

How much is delivery?

Shipping is charged at a flat rate for all orders Australia-wide.

When will Dolci Sapori Imports deliver my order?

Delivery of goods will be made between 5-7 working days.

Do I have to sign for the delivery?

Yes, Dolci Sapori Imports will request a signature when your item/s are delivered. Dolci Sapori Imports currently use Australia Post and send all parcels as registered post.

Payment Options

What are my payment options?

Dolci Sapori Imports accept direct deposits and PayPal. Please quote your surname as reference if purchasing via our online store.

Exchange Policy

Can l exchange or get a refund on goods purchased if l change my mind, or don’t like the product?

We recommend you choose your flavours with consideration as Dolci Sapori Imports will not refund any monies if you change your mind or do not like the flavour you have chosen.

What happens with damaged, missing or defective products?

All claims for damaged and defective product’s must be filed with Dolci Sapori Imports within 3 days of receiving your order.

What Sugared Almonds represent

What do Flavoured Sugared Almonds represent at a Wedding?

Fresh almonds have a bittersweet taste, which represents life. The sugar coating is added with the hope that the newlyweds’ life will be more sweet than bitter.

What do 5 Flavoured Sugared Almonds represent in a bombonieri?

Health, Wealth, Fertility, Happiness and Prosperity (generally used for Weddings).

What do 3 Flavoured Sugared Almonds represent in a bombonieri?

Faith, Hope and Prosperity (3 Flavoured Sugared Almonds are generally used for Baptisms).

General Info

Do you have a shop I can visit to view/sample your products?

All products can be viewed online. We endeavour to supply the most accurate product images and information, however if you would like more details or would like to discuss our products further, please contact Dolci Sapori Imports.

Will I pay GST on all Dolci Sapori Imports products?

Yes, all prices on the Dolci Sapori Imports website include GST.

How do I provide general feedback?

We would love to hear from you! We are continuously trying to improve our customers’ experiences and would greatly appreciate any feedback you can provide. Please email any feedback you have to

If you have any questions which have not been answered, please email us at and we will endeavour to respond to you as promptly as possible.

Online Insurance

Can I purchase insurance for my goods?

Yes you can, you can select to check out with insurance at the checkout.

Will I be covered for any lost or damaged goods if I don't insure my products?

Unfortunately Dolci Sapori Imports will not cover you for any lost or damaged goods unless insurance has been purchased.

When should I contact DSI about not receiving my parcel?

If your parcel has not been received after 7 days of being shipped you should contact DSI.