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1kg Dark Chocolate – Special

Toasted almond coated in a layer of extra dark chocolate (72%), with a thin sugar covering

Approximately 160 pieces per kg

Gluten Free

PLEASE NOTE: This pack contains hairline cracks or cracked almonds in it, perfectly fine to eat or use if your not too fussed.
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Dark Chocolate (60%) (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter. Emulsifier: Soy lecithin, Vanilla extract). Cocoa min 72% dark chocolate. Almonds (18%), maltodextrin, titanium dioxide (E171). Agents: Carnauba wax (E903), Beeswax (E901).

Gluten Free

1kg box = 160 pieces per box
160 pieces makes 30-32 bomboniere with 5 pieces in each

If you need to do 150 bomboniere you would do the following to work out how many kilos you need exactly.
150 (bomboniere) x 5 (pieces of confetti) = 750 (pieces total)
750 / 160 (the amount in each box) = 4.68 boxes
Round this off to the next whole number, which is 5.
You now know you will need 5 boxes to complete your bomboniere.